I have already bought motherboard Asrock 970de/u3s3 (latest Bios) + Phenom 965BE + Memory Corsair Low Profile 1600 Dual Channel installed on slots as described in manual (2nd and 4th slots from CPU slot). On auto settings on Bios memory starts at 1333 Mhz on Dual Channel and works fine... but only on 1333 Mhz. When I override settings to 1600 Mhz in Bios (or any other in case of overclock) memory starts as Single Channel and even more - sadly Windows 7 has problem with this memory - allocates 4 GB (half) as Hardware Reserved. Did I loose few dollars for buying 1600 Mhz memory? Is it possible to set somehow this memory in 1600 to work correctly in Dual Channel? Which memory models would work correctly on this motherboard in 1600 Dual Ch. ? How to use 1600 Mhz memory modules in D.CH. ?