I bought a ASRock G31M-S motherboard because it was compatible with all of the used parts that I had from my old pc.Installed the motherboard and turned it on and it started up but I couldnt proceed because I didnt have a compatible keyboard at the time.So turned it off.A few days later I managed to get everything together but when I turned it on this time nothing happend. I immetaley from past expriences I thaught the power supply went so I replaced the power supply with excitement so I could get this project going but I still had the same problem and then I thaught it could be the switch on the case so I went out purchased a new case wich I attended to do anyways because this motherboard was a micro mothboard but I still am running into the same trouble.Any advise besides buying an ohms meter.I'm missing something I never had so much trouble building a pc.