I seem to be hitting a brick wall when attempting a setting of 1866 or higher with this board. While using 2 4GB sticks of Samsung DDR3-1600, no matter what settings I use, whether AUTO or manually entered timings, I'm presented with a hard lock and a code 32 from the diagnostic led. This memory's stock voltage is 1.35v, but I have upped it to as high as 1.55v with no change. Before giving up I had a setting as loose as 12 12 12 40 2T @ 1.55v. As I said no matter what I set manually I get a lock. I have no issues running any lower configuration. Currently this memory is set to DDR3-1600 7 7 7 20 1T @1.45v so I'm pretty sure it would run at 1866.

I've also pulled my G.Skilll Sniper memory (2 x 16GB DDR3-1866) from my gaming rig and tried them with this board using the 1866 XMP profile, but I had the same issue and a code 10 for this memory.

I have updated the BIOS with the latest 1.50 rom, but no change. I'm not to familiar yet with FM2 overclocking, just thought 1866 was now supported natively in Trinity and was hoping to take advantage. I also have an FM2A75 Pro4-M utilizing the same Samsung memory and it to will not post with a setting of 1866 or higher. So I'm going to assume it may well be something I'm doing wrong? or perhaps the two sets of memory I have are not compatible?