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Thread: Z77-ITX won't boot OS without external optical drive attached.

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    Question Z77-ITX won't boot OS without external optical drive attached.

    I've just built myself a new HTPC and having some issues with booting it.

    The setup is:

    ASRock Z77-ITX motherboard (latest bios, checked via bios update)
    Intel I3-3225
    2x4gb Crucial Ballistix Sport PC3-12800
    Samsung 830 64gb SSD
    Antec Neo HE 550W PSU
    External BD-Rom (recognized as Optiarc BD ROM BC-5600S 1. in bios)
    Linux Ubuntu 12.10

    Now here's where things get hairy.
    If the external optical drive is connected to USB2.0 or USB3.0 the computer won't POST from cold start. It just powers up then powers down again and continue in this loop untill i unplug the optical (it however did manage to POST once if i just left it in that loop for a long time, can't remember how long as i just left it there while fixing something to eat)
    So why not just leave it unplugged as i'm not using it anyway, that's where step 2 of this problem comes into play.
    I can't get it to boot into OS without the drive attached. If i leave it unplugged and the computer POST without any problems, once it starts to load into OS the computer goes black and resets and starts to POST again and resets once it gets to OS loading and continue this loop. At first i thought it was a linux thing, so decided i wanted to try to install windows and be done with this problem. But the same problem came up again, so i'm pretty sure it's not OS related.

    I've also tried clearing CMOS several times as i thought it might be something in there acting up.

    So to make it short, to get it to POST i need to unplug external optical drive and plug it in when it's done and before it starts to load OS to get it to boot into that.

    Once it's booted it runs rock solid, and haven't had any issues so far. Running Full HD stuff with DTS sound etc for a full day.

    So does anyone have any idea how i can overcome this hurdle of having to have optical plugged in all the time?
    If i can't find a solution to this, i'll RMA this motherboard and chalk it down to a lesson for trying out a brand of MB i usually don't work with and i'll stick with the familiar brand instead.

    If you need more info let me know and i'll fetch it.

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    Default Re: Z77-ITX won't boot OS without external optical drive attached.

    Still looking for any ideas to why it's behaving like it is.

    Perhaps even an official reply from ASRock it self? This is their 'official' forum afterall.

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