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Thread: ASRock Intelligent Energy Saver

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    Lightbulb ASRock Intelligent Energy Saver

    so i have board ASRock > G41C-VS
    Cpu is C2D E7500
    rams are 1X2 1333Mhz

    so the problem is ies(Intelligent Energy Saver)
    and i thinkyou know what is it and how it works

    when i overclock my system and raise my FBS to 292 (3.2Ghz) it works stable and good with ies
    now lets try more i raise it to 301(3.3Ghz) with ies pc crashes on startup and restarts
    now lets try 301 fsb with no ies bingo worked :D
    lets try a lil more raise this **** to 311 (3.4Ghz) yes it works without ies

    i need higher fps with ies
    ies works till 292(3.2Ghz) after when i go higher i have to disable the ies

    bios already updated to 1.4 means no more updates

    any solutions? because with ies my cpu temp is normally 30-36 with out ies 50-55
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: ASRock Intelligent Energy Saver

    You are over clocking with IES enabled? Are you serious? You are very lucky to get any OC when using IES.

    Here's a screenshot of IES:

    ASRock Intelligent Energy Saver-ies-nooc-jpg

    As we can see, "This feature only for Non-Overclocking mode."

    IES limits the power available to the CPU, so when you OC the CPU, and it must have more power to do so, it fails. IES is not the problem.

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