i just installed 2 new sshd and a fresh win7 64 pro,after struggling i got it up and running,i had to download many windows drivers and updates,over 189 updates.well when done i could not get eithernet ,to work.and used my stick and down loaded ,i also went to asrock support and downloaded broadlan driver no luck ,and no exe,file or aplication,got driver manager downloaded more asrock updates but still could not get Ethernet driver ,or broadlan download to execute,so i got win 8,upgrade and Ethernet is working fine and so is p.c.now i want to install my performance software such as ATUX,instaboot,intell raid configuration,i still have not determine if my raid array is set proper and so on,but i am afraid since all downloads from asrock do not support win 8,i want my z68 extreme4 gen3 running to its capabilities,and features,.any suggestions?
thank you for your continuous support vanniko63