Help! P67 Extreme6 with DELL PERC H800 Recognition Problem!!-121115_asrock_h800-jpg

This is my system slot diagram.

IvyBridge i7-3770k and P67 Extreme6 with BIOS P2.10 (May 08,2012)

H800 Controller recognition was failed if inserted in PCI-Express x8 slot (the second x16 slot which is shared CPU PEG Lane)

Thus, H800 Controller is recognized in PCI-Express x4 slot only (the last x16 slot which is supplied from p67 Chipset Express Lane)

And the more problem is!!

If any other Express Cards (2nd GPU for SLi or Decklink Capture Board such as Extreme 3D, etc) were inserted into PCI-Express x8 slot (the second x16 slot), H800 which was located in PCI-Express x4 slot (the last x16 slot) was unrecognizable!!

Finally, P67 Extreme6, cannot arrange H800 with full PCI-Express x16 slots usage..

What can I do? Is this problem only correctable M/B change?

Help Me!