Hi. So I built my first pc around a year ago and was psyched that it was functioning perfectly. But 3 days ago I shut down my pc for the night, and the next day it never started. I didnt update anything with my computer, it just stopped working. All my devices, like my monitor, keyboard, and mouse are plugged into the computer, but the LED's on them don't light up. As if they aren't plugged in. The fans start and my processors fan starts going too but yeah it just doesnt start. On my Mother board i have LED's on that and usually their are a bunch of random numbers and letters that appear while its booting, but now it just stays at 30. I read that i should switch my RAM sticks around and try different slots to see if something is broke. I tried every combination and slot of RAM i could. The codes changed to either 30, 38, 19, and once 60.. So then i reseated my CPU thinking maybe a socket was touching another. I couldn't see a problem. When i reseated I booted it up again and the same 30 error was on my Mobo. If anyone can give me a hand I would greatly appreciate it!

My specs are:
ASRock P67 Extreme 4
Intel Core i5 2550k
ATI HD Raedeon 6950
2 4GB's of GSkill Ram
Corsair 750 W PSU
If I should put anything else let me know :x. And i cant spell lol. Thanks :x