I have an ASROCK Z77Pro-M4 motherboard with a 3rd gen i3 processor, 8Gb ram, 320Gb and 1Tb hds, FusionHDTV7 TV tuner card and DVBSky S2 dual satellite card. For graphics I am using the onboard features through the HDMI port. The DVB card is in the x1 slot and the FusionHDTV7 is in the x16 slot. I had to change the tweek in the BIOS to core processors at 33 and oc off, everthing else is left at defaults (auto or some number).

Without doing this, the Fusion card would not tune in all the over the air stations. (ie. if left at factory settings with everything enabled). The manufacture stated that when the card is placed in a x16 slot, that since they are generally geared for graphics cards, they may not function as X1 when oclock is enabled.

Is there a way to selectively make the x16 slot always act as a x1? Also, is there more that I should do if I want it to act as an x1 than what I have already done? (ie - changed CPU from auto to core). Thanks