Yea, I did it, I upgraded to Win 8 Pro but now I'm having a ton of issues.
1. Front panel USB 3.0 ports no longer work
2. Rear rear eSATA port no longer works, it was working fine in Win 7 Ultimate but stopped after installing Win8 PRO
3. XFast USB, not supported in Win8
4. XFast RAM not supported in Win8
5. Marvel SATA controller is not even available!

Hardware wise nothing has changed, I literally just performed a clean install of win8 Pro then tried installing the drivers provided on the install CD, some worked and others didn't, so I downloaded all the latest drivers from ASROCK for my board and that just made it worse. (My computer is up and running but with said issues)
I can live without the XFast USB, XFast RAM and App Charger but the USB 3.0, eSATA port and missing SATA controller, well I CAN'T live without those.

So my question is, has anyone else installed Win8 Pro and if so did you have any issues like mine?
I know my issues are due to driver incompatibly, I was just hoping some other users have figured out which driver versions work.