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Thread: Where is the Power Switch/Button on the H77M Motherboard

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    Default Where is the Power Switch/Button on the H77M Motherboard

    This might sound stupid, but this is the first MB that I have, that does not have a button to boot the Motherboard, so I can get into the Bios. So how to I get this MB to boot??

    I have installed

    a. The CPU+Fan
    b. 2 sticks of G-Skill 2x8gb DDR3-1600 RAM
    c. Connected the cable from the PSU to the MB
    24 pin Power connector
    8 pin Power connector
    d. Connect the Video Monitor to VGA socket
    e. Connect the keyboard to the keyboard port
    f. PSU is brand new, in fact all components are brand new

    Since I could not find some sort of button to boot the Motherboard, I coonected the above components and switched on the Power at the PSU and nothing happened.

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    Default Re: Where is the Power Switch/Button on the H77M Motherboard

    Are all your parts installed in a PC case? If so, you must find the wires from the cases power switch, reset button, HDD LED, and Power LED, and connect them to the correct pins on the mother board. Those cables should be labeled, and have small, individual connectors that are a bit of a pain to connect. Check the manual for your case for those cables.

    Find the page in your boards manual that shows the connections, you MUST use that to locate the correct pins. Have the manual with you as you'll never remember what goes where, and the markings, if any, on the board are usually worthless. Page 33 in your manual has the diagram:

    Where is the Power Switch/Button on the H77M Motherboard-h77m-temp-png

    If your board is not in a case, use a screwdriver to carefully and temporarily connect/short the two pins marked PWRBTN#, and GND next to it on the right. That should start the board, etc. Shut off the PS to turn things off.

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