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It looks like you might be able to mount a fan behind those slots on the front of the case. Or is that just an air intake?
That's where the 120 mm fan sits there is a filter frame that can be pulled out without opening the case.
Behind this filter is a second 'grill' (inside the case) which i cut out some of it in order to have more airflow- read as: perforated but not enough holes.
I too find the cooling aspect interesting. Wondered just how much air do those little fans move and your tip of blocking that upper vent is great.
Also as mentioned there is a 80mm in the top lid that can be an exhaust fan too.
Question: Is it better to have just one intake source and multiple exhaust ?

Yes, We've heard those small fans scream in our EMU E6400 samplers (fans since replaced).

Wardog : I'm over the hump on this one now after the standoffs, mounting plate other cutting etc. So to move to another case not really cost effective and time is a factor too now. And while i don't mind doing some modding, your right, I was getting un-impressed daily !
They are somewhat flimsy, this case has a brace actually a bar that was, my best guess, a secondary holder for all the add on cards .
So that stiffens the girl up a bit !

Anyways Gonna get the fan scene sussed out today so hopefully by Friday we'll be loading OS and getting it into the control room.

As for drive swapping if one does fail that's just the way it is, pull the case, deal with it, Back up is the key.
Will be using a RAID set up hence the dual Seagates. Can't afford to have a session or project go down the tubes.
Final tracks / albums, soundtracks, etc will got to an external drive 'tank'.

Those other cases you referred to seem nice, the cheaper one people had issues with.
Seems like no case is perfect when it comes to the 'rack' style.