Hi have just updated the bios from v1.00 to v2.10 on my H61M-ITX, with v1.00 I didn't have any problems with the CPU and case fan speed, couldn't hear them at all. Having updated the bios to V2.10 the CPU and case fan are at full speed, even if set to auto in the bios. The only way I can get the CPU fan to go silent is to set the speed value to 1, rpm speed is 1086, anything above that I can hear it.
I'm running a G620T CPU and using the on board GPU. I've run OCCT for 30min max CPU core temp is 48c, but have noticed my CPUTIN temp is maxed out at 126c before I run OCCT and goes down to 56c when it running. The case fan is running on speed 2 and is silent.
Has anyone got any ideas what is going on here??? really wished I hadn't updated the bios.....
Thanks in-advance.