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OK guys thanks for the advice but Ive fixed it.
A bit of a chew but its working now and not giving the error anymore so here's what I did in case anyone else gets the same problem.
I had been trying the Asrock mac changer tool with no success as it kept giving invalid address errors so I tried Smac (free version) which also wouldn't accept the mac I had, so I tried one of the random generated mac codes from Smac. The version I had wouldn't make the change permanent so I tried that random code with the asrock mac changer tool.
This time it gave a different error saying that the code should start with one of 5 sequences that it listed (I assume these are nic manufacturer specific).
So I took the first 3 pairs of digits that it gave me and used the last three pairs from the random code generated by smac and hey presto it worked!
If it helps anyone, my onboard nic is an nforce and the starting sequences it gave me were
00 0b 6a .. .. ..
00 13 8f .. .. ..
00 19 66 .. .. ..
00 25 22 .. .. ..
bc 5f f4 .. .. ..
so anyone with the same nic and problem should be able to input one of these and just make up the last 6 hex digits.
Thanks for the help.

Thanks peter a will try this... i have two mother board with same problem rather to buy new one its better to try this... if you have a time can you please give the proper procedure what will i do...