Hi people,
I just found this old motherboard 775i915p in my basement and some other parts, and built an extra pc. Even though everything seems nice, I saw System Interrupts consuming 25% of the CPU all the time, right after I installed the Realtek sound drivers from ASrock's website. While 25% is not that much, it comes from system interrupts and makes the mouse choppy/crippling and sometimes even lags the HDD. In a post I read, I should disable/change something in DMA, I really don't remember, although I've done it, it fixed the mouselags but not the problem thus making my system really unstable. Now I installed the drivers from Realtek's website, but the problem persists. My BIOS version is 1.20, I felt like asking you guys before upgrading to the latest. If you have any suggestions you can help a lot ^^.

Thank you in advance.