I have a computer with the ASRock K8Upgrade-VM800 motherboard.

Processor : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+
Memory : 2074MB (269MB used)
Operating System : Puppy Linux 0.00
Audio Adapter : VIA8237 - V


It used to have two 512MB memory modules. One module developed errors. For a while I ran with one memory module. But boot up was very slow, even though when Linux got past the boot stage it went back to normal speed.

I thought the slow boot was due to only having one memory module. Now I have put in two 1gb memory modules. However the boot is still very slow - it wasnt when I was using two 512MB memory modules.

Ive looked a the BIOS but I dont really know what Im doing - i think its version number is 1.1

Any help or ideas appreciated. . .