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Thread: B75 Pro3 - Not detecting any speaker/micro jack

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    Default B75 Pro3 - No sound and not detecting any speaker/micro jack

    Hello there. I recently bought an ASRock B75 Pro3 and currently have no sound output from the onboard Realtek chip, although I do think it was ok at start. Is somebody able to help me investigate ?

    More details:
    When I first ran into the UEFI BIOS at install time and used the visual MB picture navigator on first BIOS page, I observed that when plugging my speaker jack into the green audio connector, it was signalled by a little triangle appearing live on the picture of rear connector the mother board. That was good.

    By the time I reached the steps of installing Win 7 and all the ASRock drivers, I noticed that no sound was going out to my speakers. And when checking back in the same BIOS first page picture explorer, the little triangle was not there anymore. Under Win7, in the Realtek applet, I can also see that the rear plugs are all shaded, nothing is detected either.

    After many trials, the only way I could get sound so far was to use an old SB Live 5.1 PCI card and plug it in the MB, using the kx project drivers for Win7 64 bits. There I can see that my speakers are ok, so something really wrong is happening to my connector. Still, the Realtek chip is detected ok by Win7, and all seems well except this unability to see anything connected to the MB rear panel, whether inside the BIOS or in Win7.

    Looks like a hdw problem then since the BIOS is also missing the plug, but I can't figure out how it came since it was working at beginning. Maybe something in the BIOS configuration which I mis-treated ? I loaded the UEFI defaults, but that does not change anything. BIOS is 1.60, I tried with 1.50 and 1.40, no luck. I only have the knowledge it was working inside the BIOS at first (it was 1.40 or 1.50 I believe, not sure which one).

    Is there someone here who can help me figure out what is going wrong or how to deal with such a problem ? Or do you think this is a board problem which appeared afterwards ?

    Thanks much for any answer / help,
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