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Thread: asrock 970 extreme3 - wont boot at all

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    Default asrock 970 extreme3 - wont boot at all

    I recently built a computer yesterday. It will not boot up, fans and leds come on but not video. The system beeps 3 times. "BEEEEEEEEEP, BEEEEEEEEEP, BEEEEEEEEEP" its a endless loop of that..

    This is my build ( didnt add the asrock 970 extreme3 to the list but its my motherboard.

    PLEASE HELP!! My parents are really pissed off at me. This is all frusturating for me, it was my only christmas present and my last. This is 500 dollars down the drain. :( Please help i beg of you.. ;(

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    Default Re: asrock 970 extreme3 - wont boot at all

    An endless slew of beeps usually indicates if I'm correct a ram issue.

    Have you put only one of the ram sticks in and ensured they are firmly seated? SHould test your system down ot the bare bones first and formost when ruling out issues which means only the processor+heatsink/fan, powersupply, and Ram. If the issues do not occur (should only get 3 beeps and that's it afterward meaning no video card attached) then you should be on the right track. Add in the Videocard after ensuring it's also firmly seated and any external PCI-E power connectors plugged in if the card needs it and then verify functionality again.
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    Default Re: asrock 970 extreme3 - wont boot at all

    1st thing I do when building a new rig is to build it outside the case.

    Then do as Chozo4 suggested - start with processor+heatsink/fan, powersupply, and Ram.

    I use a momentary sw to start but you can short the 2 pins on the front panel header (PWRBTN# and GND). You only have to touch the 2 pins for a fraction of a second. See page 27 in the manual - ASRock > 970 Extreme3

    If it works outside of the case then make sure the brass standoffs are aligned with the mounting holes in the motherboard. Yours is an MATX motherboard and uses only 7 mounting points.

    I've run some of my builds outside the case for weeks before installing in a case.

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