I have setup a raid10 using 4x 4TB 7200rpm 64mb sasta iii HGST H3IK40003272SP drives

the video stutters during playback with avid media composer 6.5, sd and hd alike, it will not play 1 stream of dv quality 720x480 native avid .mxf video back without longs stutters.

I have taken all precautions for avid setup in win7 with all features what they should be, i have been editing avid since 1995,
and it played hd clips on my dell precision 670 dual xeon with cheap nvidia 3400 card.

I took one of the HD 1080i .mxf clips and put it on the revo drive and it plays back immediately without any stutters start to finish.

my guess is that the lsi sas2308 is causing this issue.

should i configure the drives as raid-1 ?

is there a setting in megaraid that should be changed?

I bought this computer 2 weeks ago and guessing everything is updated already.

I tried cache on and off for virtual drives and no change.

by the way, i am disappointed at the lack of features that are ghosted in megaraid.

the main reason i bought the extreme11 was the onboard raid capability ( no raid-5 ??)

here is the kick! I bought two of the identical computers and have some important assignments
starting next week,