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Thread: Z77 Extreme6 - Floppy disappears in Win7 from time to time

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    Default Z77 Extreme6 - Floppy disappears in Win7 from time to time

    I have a Z77 Extreme6 board with four 500GB Momentus XT hybrid drives (two SATA 3.0, two SATA 2.0) and one 2TB Barracuda drive connected. My 1st hybrid (in SATA3_0) has Win7 and my 3rd (in SATA2_2) has WinXP. My Barracuda is a master backup (in SATA3_A1 in removable bay). The floppy came in handy when I needed to install the AHCI driver at the beginning of WinXP installation, and I use it for some of my oldest games that I have yet to transfer to CD.

    There was a point, though, when I noticed, in my Win7 list of drives, that my floppy was missing. I checked the Device Manager, and the floppy controller was there but the floppy itself was not, and I could not access the floppy. In WinXP, the floppy was still there. [I have my Win7 hard drive offline in WinXP to prevent WinXP from erasing my System Restore checkpoints in Win7 whenever I boot to WinXP.]

    It didn't take long for me to find a solution, which was to go into my UEFI, disable the floppy controller in the Super I/O Configuration, then reboot into my UEFI and re-enable the floppy controller, and the floppy would re-appear in Win7.

    On 2 occasions, though, I noticed that my floppy disappeared again in Win7. I pinpointed those 2 occurrences in which this happened:

    (1) I had a problem erasing a DVD in my DVD burner in WinXP, and the tray would not open, and I decided to boot into Win7 to finish the job. The floppy was missing, and I performed my UEFI routine to get it back.

    (2) Acronis Disk Director 11 or True Image 2012 also includes a bootable media environment on each CD. I booted into the environment of True Image to attempt a backup of WinXP, then booted into Win7 and noticed the floppy missing. I performed my UEFI routine once again.

    On the whole, my floppy usually stays put in Win7, but it seems that an extraordinary or exotic situation causes it to disappear. Is there anything else that I missed that I should do to make sure it stays put permanently, like, perhaps, an upgrade of the hardware drivers for my ASRock board?

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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme6 - Floppy disappears in Win7 from time to time

    The floppy is a device of its own, right? You're just using the native Windows floppy driver? I don't see a floppy driver from ASRock, if you can find a driver from the manufacture of your floppy drive, that's worth a try.

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