Hello and sorry for bad English ;)

I need your help!
I've bought a Gigabyte GTX660OC one week ago and I have the following problem: When I changed the old vgacard FX7500 with the new one my PC boots circa 10 minutes and there is no game able to play. After searching hours and hours to solve the problem and trying nearly everything I found the following thread in this forum:


In this thread N3o has got delivered the Bios 3.25 for the P67 pro3 from Asrock - Emily.

1.) Does the bios 3.25, which is not offered on Asrock Support Site, "Improve discrete VGA card vBIOS compatibility" like the most of the other new biosupdates for Asrock mobos?

2.) Can anybody send me this version? :) Emily did not answer. Or did I asked in a wrong way?! I do not know.