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Thread: Boot problem, DrDebug code 3B

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    Default Boot problem, DrDebug code 3B


    I bought an AsRock Extreme7 Gen3 last year and have been getting intermittent issues booting.

    It turns on - but nothing comes on screen, i can see the POST L.E.D on the motherboard run through a bunch of figures, then gets to code 3b (or possibly its 36 - its hard to tell) and does nothing.
    After a few seconds the whole system shuts down and turns back on again by itself. If i leave it like this sometimes it'll turn off and on again (repeating the same codes on the MB L.E.D - ending on 3b before restarting) and eventually either just turns off and stays off or boots into windows. But most of the time i have to manually reset the CMOS (to stop it going in a boot loop) and re-apply all my settings.

    The motherboard manual say that DrDebug code 3b is: Post memory south bridge initialization started.
    OR DrDebud code 36 is: CPU post memory initialization started. System management mode (SIMM) initialization

    My system specs are:

    AsRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3,
    16Gb Corsair Dominator 1866MHz,
    EVGA SC Signature GTX680,
    two 120GB OCZ Vertex 3's in RAID-0 (OS Win7 64bit)
    and a Corsair TX850W (V2) PSU.

    My initial thoughts was either a PSU or RAM problem but have changed both recently and the problem still persists.

    I hope someone can help.

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    Default Re: Boot problem, DrDebug code 3B

    Hint: "b" will have five LED segments lit up. While "6" will have six LED segments lit.
    #1 - Please, when seeking help, enter the make and model of ALL parts that your system is comprised of in your Signature, or at least the model #'s in your System Specs, then "Save' it.
    ____If you are overclocking, underclocking, or undervolting any parts, informing us of this and their values would prove beneficial in helping you.

    #2 - Consider your PSU to be the foundation from which all else is built upon. Anything built upon a weak foundation is poorly built.

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