I am having issues making my computer come out of sleep mode. After 2 hours I set it to go asleep. Once it does this and all my case lights and fans have powered off, the little red light is the only thing lit. I have wiggled my mouse,pressed a key, pushed the power button, Still nothing! I have to manually flip the switch on my psu to get a restart. And then it asks me if I want to delete the restore point or try to boot from restore point. Tryed to reboot from restore and nothing. Have to delete the restore point.

I have windows 7 64bit, I read somewhere that the ASRock instant boot (fast mode) only works with windows 8.. Does the regular fast boot work with windows 7?

Does instant boot and hibernate not mingle? I haven't got either of them to work. If anyone could point my in the right direction in regarding if I should even use sleep mode, or just use the instant boot. Do I need to change anything in my bio's for fast boot to work?

Ty kindly!!!