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Thread: Solved PROBLEM when Added Discrete Card to A10 5800K!

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    Default Solved PROBLEM when Added Discrete Card to A10 5800K!

    Thought I'd better come here and share how I solved a terrible Graphics problem that I developed after I added what is a "super" Discrete Graphics Card to run in tandem with the HD 7660D in my APU......mobo is the FM2A85X Extreme6.....Asrock does not tell you what is the BEST and Proper way to go about adding a discrete PCIe Card in this system. So - seeing that default in the BIOS the Graphics is set to PCIe.....and I had changed that prior ot adding this card - to "Onboard"....... I figured,seemed to be "logical", that if now you were adding a PCIe Card, you'd better go into BIOS prior to adding it and change Graphics, from "onboard" to "PCIe"...........this is what I did. Then I also fired up the Lucid M Program that came with this Mobo............and then the problems began, after all the $ and investment to get the BEST I could afford......after all this, turns out I had been better off with my old Dell and a HD 4550 playing my belov ed World of Tanks. I kept getting a ghost type tank appearing above my tank and sometimes it would get quite large above and around my tank.............I tried everything, V game and with Lucid MVP, you name it, I tried it, totally turned OFF that Lucid Program, and one time even Disabled the Onboard GPU......all to NO avail. Anyway, what I want to share and maybe help someone else from pulling their hair out.....last night in bed, I decided that what the hey, I'd try this AM to go back into BIOS and set it as ONBORD Graphics and switch the HDMI jack back to the Mobo HDMI OUT.............WALA!!!! Thank GOD! That did It uses both GPU's Discrete and Integrated and also can use the Lucid MVP features too w/o any hickups............WHEW!!! Back to wonderful Tnak Warfare w/o Ghosts following me around.

    Notice I forgot to tell you what Graphics Card that i added, I bought a Sapphire HD 7850 OC 1GB DDR5,,,,,,,BUT it is NOT the Dream experience I thiought it would be....I was using the ATI 12.10 drivers and IF I went to using this card discretely I could get much higher fps BUT would get a "ghost tank" above my tank in World of went back to using it in integrated mode with VIRTU MVP..........stable but lower graphics settings and fps............waited for ATI's latest driver offering, 13.1 but it does not solve the lousy "Ghost tank" issue. May try again today to Turn OFF VIRTU MVP; go into BIOS and switch to PCIe then switch my HDMI cable to the Graphics Card, then go into Device Manager and Disable the HD 7660D [GPU of CPU]........and try WoT again........try all kind of graphic changes in game and see if I can possibly get rid of the ghosts. WHAT A BUMMER!!!
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    I actually read from the fm2a85x extreme6 manual about how to set up an added card in bios before I tried it. Mine worked fine right out of the box. But the manual is kinda vague and talks about the onboard setting as automatic for dual graphics with APU. I still haven't been able to figure if this will work if I add a second discreet card for crossfire.
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