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Thread: Memory Question from the Newbie!!!

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    Default Memory Question from the Newbie!!!

    Hello TweakTown Friends,
    My name is Joe and I am a newbie to this forum. I have a core I7 system with a ASROCK X58 Extreme motherboard, I just updated my ram to
    Mushkin Enhanced Radioactive 12GB (6 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model 999005 , 2 WD Caviar 2TB hard drives, 1 Seagate Barracuda 2 TB hard drive, NVidea Quadro FX580 video card, and I am running Windows 7 Professional.
    My question is does anyone know why I installed 24 GB of RAM and it only shows 16 GB? I have not updated my bios as there are many bios updates and I don't want to install the wrong version and cause system problems. I forgot to mention the case is a Cooler Master Centurion with 5 fans and a massive heatsink/fan on my CPU.
    I'm sure I need to find a change in the bios but the owners manual is a little light on all the extra settings on this MB.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    Default Re: Memory Question from the Newbie!!!

    Well I'll be darned, haven't heard about this issue in quite a while, the old x58/i7-900 series CPU "missing memory" problem. Very common on X58 boards, had it myself on mine (not your board.) This affected any X58 board, no manufacture was immune to this issue. Forums all over the Internet are filled with threads about this, but you'd need to Google for them, since X58 boards are not a new platform and not discussed as much anymore.

    In your BIOS or manual, look for a setting in the main CPU/Memory or Over Clocking settings section, that is called something like "QPI/DRAM Voltage". Note that this is NOT the main DRAM voltage setting for your memory. You probably will need to adjust that voltage upwards bit by bit, until the memory is recognized. In my case, that is all I needed to do. Actually, I lowered that voltage a bit and all my memory was seen, both increasing and decreasing that voltage can help.

    There are other fixes for this issue that you may need to find if my suggestion does not work.

    BTW, what is showing you the missing memory? Windows, BIOS, etc? Usually, one thing will show all the memory, another won't. You should also check that you have all the DIMMs in correctly, and are you sure all the DIMMs are working?

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    Default Re: Memory Question from the Newbie!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by parsec View Post
    BTW, what is showing you the missing memory? Windows, BIOS, etc? Usually, one thing will show all the memory, another won't.
    parsec, HERE he trudged up a 2yr old post and replies/states "it is only showing 16 in both the bios and Windows7".
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