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Ok, not to worry, I know it's frustrating. I got you mixed up with the guy that has the Z77 Ex 4 board.

Are you using the ASR XFastLAN Utility with the Realtek LAN chip on your board? If you are, that might be the problem. If you don't use it, just know you DON'T need it to keep your network connection working. I just thought it got in the way, and the configuration of it made no sense, and is of little use. But, I could be wrong. If you configure it for gaming, then other connections are lower priority, and what download is the same every time anyway? Must you onstantly change profiles, or if the highest priority item is not active, the other rise to the top?

My board has a Broadcom network chip, I haven't used Realtek in a long time. I'm using an Intel card now anyway. What type of Internet connection do you have, cable modem or DSL? Not much else these days, or do you have something else?
I qoute you so I can see your questions.

I was going to try it but as far as I know I am not using any XFast on anything. I have 3.0 DSL from AT&T, not much choice at this time. My 7 year old Realtec card is working great but I will want to Crossfire this board soon and need all the room down there I can get. Also I am trying to see if it is a hardware problem so I can RMA this board soon. Is this the official ASrock forum?