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Thread: Card Reader hookup to Motherboard

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    Default Re: Card Reader hookup to Motherboard

    You can select Edit Post at the bottom of post #1 to correct the model name in post #1 and save the corrected text.

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    Default Re: Card Reader hookup to Motherboard

    Quote Originally Posted by dkocian View Post

    The PCI USB card is probably the way I will go. Spent some time looking online and found the following, which would also work.

    10-Pin USB/AC97/HD-Audio Internal Header Y Splitter Cable (5cm) -

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    For the benefit of others who might chance upon this thread. That cable dkocian pointed out would have a caveat, that even though both headers on the split would be electrically connected, you would not be able to use both at the same time. their data signals would conflict and possibly have power issues. this would show as sporadic connectivity issues. You would just have to note that when you are using one of the USB ports the other cant be used at the same time.

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    Default Re: Card Reader hookup to Motherboard

    Synack, your comment is intriguing. I know you can DaisyChain USB ports up to 127 connections. Voltage is always a problem because each connection shares the 5.25 volts, which is why most HDD have their own power source. I also understand that the ports will all share the bandwidth (I think that is like 480Mbits/s for USB 2.0?). However, I thought the pinout on the board was identical to the connections on the Type A connector, i.e. that each pin was just connected directly to a pin on the connector. When you plug in a hub, is there something more that just connecting the ports in parallel? I was thinking that the 10 pin splitter on the header was going to work the same as a hub would in one of the external ports. Sounds like I'm wrong. I have been trying to find out just how the hubs are wired, but no luck so far. Would the split at the header give a different result than a hub hooked up at an external port?

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