Anyone having a problem overclocking the reference clock on this board with a FX 8350? I can change the multiplier but soon as i adjust the base clock by even 1 mhz the system hangs in post, with various debug codes. Also adjusting the base clock does not adjust the rest of the system, such as memory mhz and overall CPU mhz. Another issue i found is that when the cool n quiet is disabled the CPU gets stuck downclocked when returning from sleep mode in windows 8 pro and windows 7, both are 64 bit OS. Like the rest of us I have tried contacting Asrock but I get no response everytime!

Current Rig:
FX 8350
Asrock 990FX Extreme4
8GB PNY 1866
1TB Seagate HDD
Powercolor 6870 X 2
Corsair AX850W PSU