Hi to everyone, my PC is:
- MB Asrock z68 pro 3 (BIOS 1.50);
- CPU i5-2400 (Sandy Bridge).

I recently switched to windows 8 with a clean install and everything is running smooth apart from a couple of things that are quite annoying.

  1. Whenever the monitor goes in standby mode the cpu fan (a stock fan BTW) starts spinning at maximum speed even if the temperature is below the treshold i set and its really noisy.
    It' seems that axtu is failing to manage the cpu fan speed whenever the monitor goes in standby.
  2. Windows 8 installed everything without a problem: every device was recognized correctly and proper drivers where installed.
    Apart from one device.
    I currently have a device listed in the device manager as unknown wich apparently is located on intel(r) z68 express chipset family LPC interface controller - 1c44.
    In order to resolve this issue I tried to install I installed the INF driver ver: but even if the problem seemed resolved, now it arises again as there is still the same unkown device listed in device manager.

As far as I understand it seems that these issues can be solved upgrading the BIOS (currently 1.50) to the latest version (2.10).
It seems also that this BIOS is intended for Ivy bridge processors and that has caused a lot of issues to a lot of PC's with sandy bridge CPU + Z68 Asrock MB (though not explicitly on a "plain" Z68-pro 3 MB).

In conlusion, my question are:
  • How can i resolve my problems with the cpu fan and the unkown device?
  • If the only solution is the BIOS upgrade, how risky can be to upgrade the BIOS?

Thanks for your attention