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Thread: Port Multiplier/FIS-based switching

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    Default Port Multiplier/FIS-based switching

    I'm looking at putting together an HTPC in the near future. The heart of the system will be an AMD Trinity APU (haven't decided which one yet) and a mATX motherboard. The primary purpose of the unit will be storage for my many movies (1200+) so I can clear some of my shelf space, currently used for DVD/Bluray cases, for other uses. With that goal in mind, I'm going to need a lot of storage space for movie files, a lot more than I can cram into an HTPC case.
    I've found a 4 bay external enclosure that seems as though it will work just fine. One of it's benefits is that it offers e-sata connection, which will make things a lot quicker than using USB. But in order to be able to use all four disks in the enclosure independently I will need to have FIS-based switching (Port Multiplier). I know that I can get an add-on card that do this, but I'd really like to take advantage of the built in e-sata connector.

    I know that both the A75 and A85 chipsets support FIS-based Switching but it appears as though not all A75 and A85 motherboards that offer e-sata support FIS-based Switching. Currently I'm looking at two ASRock motherboards for my build. The FM2A75 Pro4-M and the FM2A85X Extreme4M boards. Either board will meet my needs. My question is, do these boards support FIS-based Switching for the e-sata port on the back panel?

    Any information on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.
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