I have a Sonicwall SonicPoint Ni deployed at home and there are at least 4 computers that access this sonicpoint without problem. But the Z77E-ITX is very erratic - Sometimes, when it is first powered up and you open Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) it pops open to microsoft's website. Then if you type in a search it stalls out and times out. Other times, you open IE8 and enter say intel.com and it will head right to their website. Running Windows Update, sometimes it times-out or drops the connection and other times it will download 100 Mb worth of downloads. I tried running a ping on some servers and out of the 4 ping-attempts it would give time-out on maybe a couple and the other 2 attempts would return say 30ms, not consistentlty though.
I have read where at least someone else has a similar issue with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 WiFi adapter and he claims the resolution was to use the older Proset v14 drivers from Intel.
Can someone assist me in determining the solution for this issue?
Many Thanks prior.