I am using your ASROCK h77 mini ITX board paired with
Intel 3225-i3 CPU. I was using this machine with a 2GB DDR3 ram &
was working fine. I wanted to replace this with 2x8G DDR3, 1333 RAM Corsair.

I unplugged the power supply, grounded myself for static & replaced the RAM. Now my system doesn't boot/post
I don't even see 555 - boot screen on my display.

The board power the CPU/fan but just no display on the screen.
Tried different cables, monitors and both display output and still no display.

I tried to reset the board by using the jumper short technique but no use.
Also I thought that RAM might be faulty and tried using the old RAM.(2GB) Still no luck.

What are my next debugging/troubleshooting options?

Will appreciate for your help!. This is my ONLY entertainment/HTPC :-(. Sad that its not working for me now.