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Thread: UEFI boot and Linux

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    Default UEFI boot and Linux

    Can I disable UEFI so as to install Fedora etc? Looking at the 890GM MB.

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    Default Re: UEFI boot and Linux

    While I don't understand why a UEFI-type BIOS would prevent you from installing Fedora, I can tell you that the default setting for all boards that use a UEFI is with the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) enabled. That means the UEFI is running in affect as a normal BIOS does, and for example uses the standard Option ROMs used with a standard BIOS. The CSM causes the UEFI to operate in a BIOS emulation mode.

    Besides the GUI of a UEFI, none of its new features and functions are used on all the mother boards that have a UEFI type firmware, unless the CSM is disabled, and an OS that supports UEFI booting is used. Many if not all of the first mother boards that have UEFI firmware rather than BIOS firmware do not have the capability to disable the CSM. My first UEFI firmware board doesn't, unless that is added in an UEFI update.

    IMO, you should have no problem installing Fedora if it must be used with a BIOS, since that is what it will be working with, given the CSM is enabled.

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