Few hours ago my PC suddenly shutdowned while I was browsing net. After reboot I've found that my USB keyboard don't work.
After another restart, I tried to enter BIOS, but it not responded with pressing DEL or F2 key. So, i plugged PS/2 keyboard, entered BIOS, and discovered that mouse don't work in BIOS too. Also, I've discovered that BIOS can't see USB-stick - so can't even boot from it, or change BIOS firmware. So, I've copied 1.50 firmware to my HDD using another PC, updated it - but the problem still here. No usb devices visible in BIOS.

I have USB 2.0 / 3.0 + legacy flags turned on.

I've tried to plug external USB 3.0 PCI-E controller, and plugged mouse and USB-stick to it. So, the same problem... Only after I turned off USB 3.0 in settings - I could see USB-stick in Boot order settings, and got my mouse move (connected to external usb controller). But both devices works for a few seconds, and than stops responding... That is the most strange part of my problem, I think. If I try boot from USB - it stops with something like "read problem".

Any thoughts ?