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Thread: Mouse shut down & bio's flash knocks out Array!

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    Default Re: Mouse shut down & bio's flash knocks out Array!

    I've used RAID 0 arrays on Intel chipset boards for several years, and have updated the BIOS on those boards many times, and have never lost the RAID volume. They have all been OS volumes too.

    I would flash the BIOS, restart the PC and immediately go into the BIOS, which you should be forced to do whenever the BIOS is updated, you should see a prompt about that. The first time into the BIOS, I set the SATA mode to RAID, change other unrelated things, and save, exit, and restart. On that restart you should see the Intel RAID Option ROM displayed during POST, and see any RAID arrays you created previously displayed in it, as well as any drives connected to the Intel SATA chipset. If you don't see this, something if wrong. If the array was corrupted, you should see that shown in the display, as a Failed volume.

    I go into the BIOS again, and set the boot order correctly, save and exit and restart. The PC should boot fine at that point from the RAID volume.

    What drives are you using for your RAID array, and what type of RAID volume are you creating? What do you use to create your RAID arrays? What version of IRST are you using?

    Where do you plug your mouse into the PC? You must use a USB 2.0 port on the rear I/O panel when booting from disks like that. Are you using a USB hub for the mouse?

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    Default Re: Mouse shut down & bio's flash knocks out Array!

    Hi parsec, I have 6 Samsung 1Tb Drives. 2 Are Striped, 2 Are Mirrored & 2 are Singles. The arrays Volumes are 64K. The Version of IRTS is, When system boots up there's an area to hit CTRL-I that takes you to the settings for building the arrays. This is what I used. The steps you wrote down is exactly what i did. On the rear of the i/o panel there's a usb slot called Fatal1ty for mouse. That's where the mouse was plugged in. I'm not using a hub. I just Moved it to a 2.0 slot to see what happens. Will let you know.

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