I've just installed fresh new Windows 8 64 Bit. All Windows update are installed as well. I downloaded all available drivers in their newest versions. I installed the latest motherboard's BIOS - 2.80. The problem is with USB3_4_5) ports. When I connect mouse, keyboard or a newer external USB 3.0 drive they're working properly. However, my external USB 2.0 drives or USB 2.0 pendrives aren't recognized. The message in Device Manager says the system cannot assign a proper address for the device. The same device connected to any other built-in motherboard ports works without any problem. I tried to update ASMedia 104x firmware but it can be done from Windows 8 (update failure). ASM104FWUpdate tool fails when updating (Device not ready). ASM104xFWWrite exits with code 1.

How can I flash a new firmware to that USB chip? Is there any other solution to that USB problem?