New board install!!

When i turn the board, it loads the asrock screen, but when i try to load os, it says to power on in safe mode/last known configuration. This is the windows error recovery screen, which says this be due to recent hardware change. Neither option attempts to load, then the screen reverts back to asrock screen, neverending prompt. I swapped sata cables & sata ports, no change. WHen i connect all same cables & hardware to my old asus board, it works & loads find. I tried loading from the dvd drive, using the asrock motherboard drivers, it will not get that far, ,meaning not passing the windows error recovery. I change monitors & cables too, same results. As for the error on board, the code changes, so i dont get an exact error. I've tried reinserting all cables, no change. I cleared CMOS twice, no change either. Any suggestions?

ASUS fan