I have a PC I'm trying to slightly upgrade to cope with Corel X6 reasonably Lagless - ie not like it is now, it leaves ghosting and fails to update the screen on changing some graphics and/or text. Wait a while and it will update.
It's not the CPU as I've run the program on a lesser powered machine with no lag albeit with a graphics card with no issues.

Machine running only these programs. Corel X6, AVAST virus checker, Win7-64, Universal Laser Control Panel. ~1.5GB free RAM normal operation with multiple Corel windows open.
So it needs a graphics card to be able to deal with some of the rendering so it'll stop sharing the available RAM/CPU (4GB total inc graphics shared RAM).

I've tried to install a Geforce EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP) but it crashes the main board on start-up.
Both are PCIe 16 ver 2.0 so they should work?
or am I missing something?

There is a jumper to enable FSB1333, does this need to be jumpered to enable PCIe ver 2.0 speeds on the PCIe bus, or are they separate?
Why would the ASRock crashguard prevent the board from starting when this GC is installed?

Thanks for your help in advance