Good morning

During the installation of the video card driver integrated PC before bring up the login resets automatically

being switched on again I presents the various reboot option and if I force the boot normal mode,the PC will continue to operate without any problems

The problem recurs every time the power the pc

the tests I've done are:

1) changed power

2) use the individually the two memory banks

3) Tried seven 32 and 64 in seven ultimate version (service pack )
The installation of the OS has been finalized for the ONLY use of the onboard video card (NO other driver, No antivirus ecc ecc)

I tried to install the drivers all possible modes:

1) using the motherboard cd

2) download the latest version of ATI on the site (either complete with the tool is just the driver)

3) by the recognition of driver windows by inserting the original CD

The problem had occurred in a more severe the first time installing the entire suite ATI

In this situation, after several short blackouts of the video (as if you were instalando a video driver) I was reported from either the ati tool at the bottom right that "the driver has stopped working and was recovered"

20 second later i see the BSOD