I have the same problems as H77M-ITX / Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1250 Issues

System Configuration:
CPU: Intel Core i3 2120
Motherboard: ASRock H67M-ITX/M/ASR
HD: Transcend 128GB
GPU: Onboard
UEFI/BIOS Version: P2.10
OS: Win 7 x32 Ultimate

For the life of me I cannot get the motherboard to recognize my TechniSat SkyStar
2 eXpress HD tuner.With the card in the PCIe slot the Windows 7 does not detect
the hardware.

I've validated that the PCIe slot is functioning by successfully testing it with a
gigabit PCI Express network adapter tp-link tg-3468.

I've also tested the TechniSat SkyStar 2 eXpress HD tuner in separate systems and
it is successfully detected by Windows 7 using both PCIe x16 slot configurations.

I've submitted a request with ASRock technical support, but I thought I'd post
here to see if anyone else has experienced this same issue? I've seen a few other
posts on this form with compatibility problems with ASRock equipment but not this
specific configuration.

I think here the problem is improving PCIe Gen 1 card compatibility.

For motherboard H77M-ITX is Beta BIOS L1.40A in which these problems
eliminated.Please send the BIOS to fix this problem for ASRock H67M-ITX/M/ASR.