I would like to add a HDMI port on my motherboard 775i945GZ</SPAN></SPAN>. As the list supported PCI Express VGA Card List for AGI Express Slot doesn't have a HDMI low profil card, I bought a ZOTAC GT610 PCI 512-Mo</SPAN> (ZT-60604-10L) to plug into a PCI slot. When installing, I get a conflict "PCI bridge to standard pci bridge</SPAN></SPAN>". The Vista device manager does'nt see any new hardware. The driver refuse to install because it doesn't see any compliance material. In the BIOS, it seems there is no feature to disable the onboard VGA.
How to add a HDMI port on that PC
Which low profil card with HDMI port is compliance with that motherboard ?
Thank a lot to people who can help me
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