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Thread: 4 sticks vs 2 sticks ram

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    Question 4 sticks vs 2 sticks ram

    Hi, I am using ASRock 990FX Extreme4 & FX8120. I currently have GSkill F3-2133C9Q-16GAB low profile ram. I am using 2 sticks- 8gigs (2x4) running at 2133 with 9-11-10-28 timings. The kit I bought was 16 gigs (4x4) 2133. Would I get more benefit / performance running 16 gigs (4x4) at 1600 with 7-9-8-24 timings vs 8 gigs (2x4) at 9-11-10-28 timings on this board? Essentially 2-dual channel mode vs 1-dual channel. Would info get processed by being divided to all 4 sticks vs 2 sticks. I wanted to see if anyone has feedback, that has tried this. I am using PCMark7 to test currently. Looked around the net, but saw nothing conclusive. Thanks UPDATE: Well I tried a couple things, using PCMark7 basic(free). 1) Started [email protected] with turbo on / 4 sticks (4x4) @ 1600 / 7-9-8-24 timings at 1.5 volts / AXTU power profile selected / HT bus speed @2000. Score of 2736. 2) Manual OC to 4.0 / turbo off / 4sticks (4x4) @1600 with 7-9-8-24 timings / 1.5 volts / HT bus speed 2600 / score of 2937. 3) [email protected] / turbo off / 2 Sticks (2x4) @ 1600 / 7-9-8-24 timing / 1.5 volts / HT bus speed 2600 / score 2979. 4) Last OC 4.0 / turbo off / 2 sticks(2x4) @ 2133/ 9-11-10-28 timing / HT bus speed 2600 / volt to 1.65 / score of 2934. Interesting jump when OC to 4.0 and going to 2 sticks(2x4). Checking the program specs it tested my ram at default 1600-not the 2133 speed I have it set to. So I think I my rig is a little better than this, but PCMark 7 has program limitations. Anyone have ideas of a better program to test with, FREE , of course. I'm cheap. Feedback is welcome Thanks again. Peace Out UPDATE AGAIN: Well my son was home for the weekend. After chatting with him, about what I tried, I wanted to try all 4 sticks again but at 1866. So selected 1866 speed in bios and set timings at 8-10-9-26. Made sure all 4 slots were set at those settings, leaving volts at 1.65. OC still at 4.0 / turbo off / save changes exit. Booted up to windows. AND SUCCESS. Able to use all 4 sticks at 1833. Checked cpu-z and running steady at 4.0 OC / HT bus speed @ 2000 / memory tab at 933 with 8-10-9-26-39 timings Ran PCMark7 and score of 2997. I bumped the HT bus speed to 2600 and ran again. PCMark7 score of 3003. RAM speed reported tested at was 1600 (default speed) for both runs by PCMark7. Checked cpu-z memory tab / still at 1833 / PCMark7 program limitations I am assuming. So my setup will run all 4 sticks at 1866 / only 2 sticks at 2133 (use A2 & B2). I think I am actually doing better than reported. I suck at gaming, so I had my Son play Cyrsis3. Medium settings with a couple tweaks. UNOFFICIAL TEST: He played yesterday with 2 sticks-8gigs (2x4) at 2133. Fraps was mostly in high 30s- 40s-50s. Today he played at 4 sticks(4x4)-16gigs (4x4) at 1833. Fraps stayed mostly in high 40s-50- low 60s ( yes occasional drop in 30s). But on average 8-10 frames better during game play. Our conclusion is 4 sticks-16gigs (4x4) at 1866 worked better than 2 sticks-8gigs (2x4) at 2133. The CPU was able to access and process with all 4 sticks of ram, compared to 2 sticks of ram. Some food for thought, I hope this helps someone out. Again, Peace Out.
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