My Z77Pro3 motherboard was working fine and then.......................... I installed a new PCI-E Video Card to run dual monitors and the audio quit.
I removed the video card and the audio was still off. I went into windows 7 and turned the built in speakers in my monitor to default and I have audio there. I go to the realtek icon and I make it the default and nothing. So I must have screwed something up. Video card in or out is now the same no realtek audio..
I can go to the Realtek icon and see the sound meter moving up and down under test but no sound. Nothing on either the back jack or the front headphone jack. Default on HP Monitor keeps working with the new video card in or out. I just can't seem to get any sound out of the output jack. I don't think I needed to plug anything in for the rear jack on the motherboard. I did plug my front headphone jack on to the front panel audio header #30 plug on the far corner.
Anything else I might have screwed up? The motherboard is making audio as I can see the bars move in windows 7 under the test function. it was working. It also says audio jack has been removed (or installed) off and on when I am not doing anything.
When I took the video card out I uninstalled the driver and that made no difference. I am ready to just throw in a PCI-E audio card and be done with it. I just hate wasting the $20