As the title says. I installed windows, + drivers and everything without shutting down (like all of use do). but then when i shut down and try to start again, the the little balls that appear below the asrock logo when booting from uefi appear... then pc shuts down. if I try to start it again, i don't even get video signal. so what do I do? I have to unplug the power, press the power plug for the pc to discharge, and then turn it back on; this method works 100% of the time.

I thought it was a driver issue so I reinstalled windows 8 fresh in uefi mode again (no sense in making it work the other way), and without installing anything else, I do the shutdown. wait like 10secs to 1min after everything shuts off, and then the same thing happens.

My specs are below, although i'm trying this now with the onboard vga and only with the ocz ssd... though as we speak i'm installing it now on a momentus xt to see if the drive is to blame.

There's a power issue here, that's what i think. please reply, thank you