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Thread: Asrock x79 Extreme 4-M USB Problems...Not sure what to do!

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    Default Asrock x79 Extreme 4-M USB Problems...Not sure what to do!

    Okay so I just joined this site so i can get some quick help with my motherboard USB problem.
    plain and simple, after some use of the computer, my mouse and keyboard,( which are plugged into the usb 2.0 in the back of comp) will randomly go out and stop working. the lights on the mouse and keyboard will usually flicker on and off, but there is no response on the screen when this happens.

    usually when this happens i just switch the ports over to my usb 3.0...then after a while, my mouse and keyboard will go out there too, but the lights on my keyboard/mouse will go off, and are unusable, then i will move them to the front 2 usb 2.0 ports on the front of the case and after a while the same thing will happen.

    ive had this computer i built for about 4 months, and these problems began appearing about a month ago. none prior to a month ago you see.. im wondering if my motherboard is beginning to fail on me!??

    Im thinking it could have something to do with the heat inside? although i have a good case coolermaster haf.. 3 fans inside plus a stock-cooler on my i7-3820. temps fair at 40c idle and 55c while gaming
    Also yes i have tried other keyboards and mice, i get the same result. i do not really plug in anything else.
    also i have heard of something about not enough voltage to the usb ports, but i honestly do not know. im stumped on this problem.
    i need to know if there has been anyone else with the same problems... so i can get the fix, and if there is no fix, then thank god i bought an extended warranty on this mobo. there were tons of bad reviews on newegg i read before i bought it, but there were also good ones so i took my chance to get the cheapest 2011 board: the asrock x79 extreme 4-M

    plus my power supply is a corsair tx 750, but im sure that its not that.

    anyhow, i am sure that i do not need to go on and on about the details, because more or less, somebody who can help me out here has heard about a problem similar to this one before. but if any more info is needed i will reply with whatever is needed to know. please help out! tired of my mouse dying in and keyboard dying simultaneously and randomly while in the middle of a game!!
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    Default Re: Asrock x79 Extreme 4-M USB Problems...Not sure what to do!

    I'll only note that at one point I was using an USB to PS/2 Converter & ran into the same situation.
    Things would work for a time, then stop.
    Plug the USB end into a different port & things would work, for a time.

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    Default Re: Asrock x79 Extreme 4-M USB Problems...Not sure what to do!

    First, does the disappearing keyboard and mouse only happen during gaming? If so, that is the first clue, if not, then we are back at square one.

    Next, what keyboard(s) and mouse are you using?

    The USB support is not provided by the CPU, so its temperature alone is not an issue. USB 2.0 is provided by the X79 chipset, and USB 3.0 support is provided by the ASMedia ASM1042 chip. They are two separate parts, located in different locations on the mother board. It's curious that you apparently have the same keyboard and mouse failure on both of the USB devices.

    It's possible that during gaming that a heat issue could affect the mother board in some way that limits the power to the USB ports, but that is unlikely. Your video card does not use huge amounts of power, or creates excessive heat. USB 3.0 ports can supply almost twice the amount of power that USB 2.0 ports can, but it seems the symptoms are the same on either connection.

    Your board's AXTU software will display at least one mother board temperature, and the X79 chipset temperature. Do you use the cooling fan for the X79? Have you ever checked those temperatures during gaming?

    When the USB port fails like it does, check Device Manager, under the USB devices, check if you find any yellow '!' marks showing on any entries, which indicates a problem.

    Open the Windows Power Options in Control Panel, and choose the High Performance plan, if you don't use that now. Click on Change Plan Settings, and then Advanced Options. In USB settings, set USB selective suspend to Disabled. This is not guaranteed to help.

    I've never had or heard of this issue before. It could be a problem with the board, but it's a bit early to come to that conclusion.

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