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Thread: ASRock H77M-ITX Loud CPU Fan

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    Default ASRock H77M-ITX Loud CPU Fan

    I just bought a H77M-ITX motherboard, intel i3-3225 cpu, corsair CX-430 PSU and a fractal node 304 case a few weeks ago. Got everything setup and powered the system on. Seemed fine everything worked. Shortly after heard a weird sound noticed part of the CPU fan (intel) wires were hitting the blades. So I re-routed them and fixed that issue. Then one of the power adaptors on the PSU somehow shifted and was hitting the CPU fan and caused the CPU fan to stop spinning. After I moved the cable the cpu fan was spinning again. However it was loud. So I went to the store I purchased it from and exchanged the CPU and the CPU fan. The new CPU fan is really loud still.

    So I took everything apart and re-assembled thinking maybe something wasn't fastened down tightly. Same issue. I went into the bios and noticed the bios was at 1.10 so I updated to 1.60. Same problem with the loud fan. I then set the cpu fan from full on to automatic and set to 50 celcius and then turned the fan speed to 3. After saving the setting it seemed to spin the fan speed down a bit and was tolerable yet still loud. About an hour later I noticed it was back to full speed and it was sitting idle.

    Any ideas on what to do next? I really cant tell if its the MB or the CPU Fan at this point.

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    Default Re: ASRock H77M-ITX Loud CPU Fan

    I've noticed the same thing on my H77 Pro-4M board, but haven't got around to this problem yet. Will keep an eye on this thread.

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    Default Re: ASRock H77M-ITX Loud CPU Fan

    As you saw, the default CPU fan speed setting in the BIOS is Full On. That is commonly done to get the users attention, as well as for safety purposes, since the manufacture has no idea what CPU cooler and fan will be used. You really must adjust the CPU fan speed if it is to loud for you. When building your own PC, these things become your responsibility.

    I suggest that you install the ASRock AXTU program, that allows you to adjust the fan speeds in Windows. Set the CPU fan speed to 1 if you need to, but that is as low as it will go. My ASR board has a CPU fan speed setting in the BIOS called Custom, I don't know if your board's BIOS has that option. It allows you to set the basic fan speed lower than the level 1 setting of Automatic.

    The CPU fan speed is varied by the CPU temperature. The fan speed increases as the CPU temperature increases. Your case has three fans, are they being used and how do you control their speeds?

    Are you certain the CPU fan changed to full speed by itself? Did you check the CPU temperature when that happened? AXTU displays the CPU and mother board temperature.

    It can be difficult to install the stock Intel CPU cooler, double check that all four pins are fully locked down. If the PC case is not getting enough ventilation, the CPU temperature will increase and with it the fan speed.

    All in one PCs bought at a store usually have the CPU fan run at one speed regardless of CPU temperature. They are usually quiet, but the owner has no idea what the CPU temperature is, nor do they really care. You could connect the CPU fan to one of the three pin chassis fan connectors and set it to a constant low speed if noise is very important to you.

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