Hi, just wanted to say what a useful forum this is, thanks to all the good techies and vendor specialists who contribute. After searching here for my hang in shutdown issue for my Z68 Pro3-M, I did not find many items for this Mobo. However, there were similar ones, and many "odd" issues seemed to be fixed by updating to the latest BIOS. I was reluctant before, as ASROCK says if it is working OK, don't update, and there are warnings about system failures if the update went wrong. However, I felt that the modern well designed GUI style for BIOS updating, plus the sanity checks and defensive code checks, I decided to go from my original P1.0 to P2.30. It all went fine, and power cycled itself 3 times, then booted up to WIN7 just fine. Windows also saw a "new" PCI device, and loaded a driver. so something must have been fixed in that area too (plus all the good fixes between 1.00 and 2.30. My shutdown issue went away, so, I am happy with the outcome. Quite straightforward, and I would certainly recommend this. HTH, TD