Hi I have a asrock extreme3 gen3 z68 motherbord. Problems with getting the Asrock smart remote to work. I RMA the first one and I still can't get the replacement to work. The CIR receiver is not being detected in BIOS or in windows 7. I know this is not hot plug and you have to plug it in before booting. The infrared ports are enabled in the bios and windows infrared drivers are installed and working properly. When I try to install nuvoton 20110219 CIR software from Asrock it says can't find CIR device!! I know I have the USB plug plugged into the right header on the motherbord and I know I have the CIR receiver plugged into the right USB jack.I even tried updating the bios from p1.30 to 2.30 but no help. I tested the CIR header with a multimeter I have a signal when infrared ports are enabled in the bios and don't when disabled. So the only thing I can think is that the replacement is also defective.maybe 1 out of 5 only works for people. I haven't heard much susses withe these Asrock smart remotes. But the one's that do work don't work very well with the remote only working from about 2 meters away is pretty useless to me. Dos anyone know about thes remote kit ? Am I missing something? It is driving me crazy! Any help would be greatly appreciated.