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Thread: FM2A85X Extreme6 audio bleed through (leakage)

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    Default Re: FM2A85X Extreme6 audio bleed through (leakage)

    Yes, if would be difficult removing the network chip, or an oscillator from the board, as well as kill the board. But the audio output would be silent...

    I've had audio noise problems in the past with several different boards, made by different manufactures. I did not follow up on it much, but IMO it seems a board either has a noisy audio output, or is susceptible to noise issues, or it just isn't. An old socket 775 board I had that was made by Intel had no OC features, but had silent audio output, and Dolby Digital decoding for the S/PDIF output. A similar Gigabyte board and an ASUS P67 board were so noisy on the audio output, I could hear movements of the mouse creating noise in the audio output, with no source playing, as you have yourself.

    Are you using speakers with built-in amplifiers? If so, I've noticed they seem more susceptible to noise problems. If you aren't doing this now, I suggest connecting the power source for the speakers into the same power outlet strip that the PC is using. The point is to share a common ground. If your speakers use a two prong wall wart for power, then they don't have a ground and that can cause noise. My cable TV box had a two prong AC power cord, and would have terrible noise when I used the analog audio outputs into an amplifier. I ran a wire from its chassis to the screw on the AC outlet cover, which is grounded to the outlet and then to ground, and the noise vanished. How you would do that with your speakers, I don't know.

    BTW, the digital S/PDIF output will be noise free, if you have a DAC with analog outputs.

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    Default Re: FM2A85X Extreme6 audio bleed through (leakage)

    So I have found a solution that makes this problem tolerable for me. If I plugged my headphones directly into the computer(front or back) the noise is maddening. However, if I plug speakers into the computer, jack the computer volume to 100% and then lower the level on the speakers and plug my headphones into the speakers than I can barely hear it. Still not happy about this, but I am managing.

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    Default Re: FM2A85X Extreme6 audio bleed through (leakage)

    Quote Originally Posted by parsec View Post
    Are you using speakers with built-in amplifiers? If so, I've noticed they seem more susceptible to noise problems. If you aren't doing this now, I suggest connecting the power source for the speakers into the same power outlet strip that the PC is using.
    The Creative T7700 I'm using is a 7.1 system with the usual sub/amp box driving satellite speakers.
    It has a separate line transformer -- not a wall wart, as it has long leads on both ends. It is, however, merely a step-down xfmr, so any rectification and filtering is done in the sub box. As you alluded to, the grounding is via the cables.

    At any rate, I've eliminated the idle hum (all leads disconnected from pc end). Creative enjoys forcing their users into proprietary connections. The surround cable that came with these speakers works just fine with the old X-Fi card, because that card has compatible, 4-pole connectors to feed the sub/amp (the cable splits from 3 at pc to 4 at the sub end).
    To use garden-variety surround sources, one must perform some hookup magic with these speakers via an additional cable so the signals will be properly routed and grounded. If anyone's curious, here's an article describing it (pics included):

    How to get all 8 speakers working in a 7.1 creative inspire set without a creative sound card

    Replacing the original, additional cable I had been using eliminated the idle hum. As it turns out, the cable was well grounded, as per my OP, but it had inferior shielding. I removed its sheath and confirmed this.
    Hence, that is why I wasn't experiencing the hum with my other pc: I was using the X-fi card and therefore did not yet have the additional cable in use! Yeah, I should have suspected it, but when you're sure you're using a quality cable and it turns out it isn't...

    Ok, so now the speakers are dead silent at full remote pod volume with all leads disconnected from pc.

    The problem that remains is digital noise from the mobo, which is always present but substantially louder with activity (mouse, video, drives). This, btw, is also the case with other speakers I tried (which don't use oddball connection schemes).
    If this isn't user error (not that I absolutely rule that out) and isn't an issue with other FM2 mobos, then the problem obviously isn't inherent within the A85 FCH, so it would have to be something like inadequate supply filtering for the A85 or somewhere downrange to/at the ALC with this particular mobo design.

    I'd also like to hear from those who are using onboard audio with this mobo who do not experience said activity noise at all, even at full speaker and pc volumes.

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