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Thread: Z77 Extreme 4 - Computer Boots, No Beep

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    Default Z77 Extreme 4 - Computer Boots, No Beep


    I've just built my first computer. Everything seems fine, I can boot into windows, all fans, GPU, SSD and HDD etc. are working correctly but I'm not getting a POST Beep. I do have the speaker installed. I get a beep when I hit Del to enter the Bios but no POST Beep. There is no error on the Dr. Debug LED.

    I'm not too worried about it since everything seems to be working fine, but should I be hearing a POST Beep?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme 4 - Computer Boots, No Beep

    Good question, but I can't explain exactly why you don't always get a POST beep. My Z77 EX 4 board does the same thing, so your board is not abnormal.

    As you said, it seems a POST beep occurs when starting the BIOS UI, or after changing a BIOS option, but only when certain ones are changed IMO. When I normally cold start my Z77 EX 4 PC, I don't get a POST beep. Different boards and BIOS' may do things differently, but IMO you have nothing to worry about.

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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme 4 - Computer Boots, No Beep

    You could try removing the memory and see if it beeps when you turn it on.
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